Affirmation of the day

Hope is the magic ingredient in any situation.



Rejuvenate your life though affirmations

Image credit: 'Shortcut' by Hoang Long Ly

Image credit: ‘Shortcut’ by Hoang Long Ly

Be yourself: Truthfully

Accept yourself: Gratefully

Value yourself: Highly

Treat yourself: Generously

Trust yourself: Confidently

Balance yourself: Harmoniously

Bless yourself: Abundantly 

Love yourself: Wholeheartedly

Give yourself: Enthusiastically

                     Forgive yourself: Completely

                   Express yourself: Radiantly

Affirmation of the day

Anything in life worth having is worth working for.


Affirmation of the day

Every adversity has the seed of an equivalent benefit.


Breathing technique for managing anxiety and stress

Image credit: Garry Pepper Vintage (

Image credit: Garry Pepper Vintage

Controlled breathing technique

1- Breathe in (without taking a deep breath). Hold your breath for a count of five.

2- When you get to five, gently breathe out saying to yourself “relax” or “calm”.

3- Then just breathe in and out slowly, through your nose, counting three with each breath in, and three with each breath out.


4- Breathe this way for 10 breaths, and then start the cycle again by holding your breath and counting to five (step one).

5- Continue this controlled breathing until all the symptoms of over-breathing have gone.


  • Use the technique immediately when the first signs of over-breathing, panic, or growing anxiety occur.
  • Practice the technique at least four times a day.
  • Practice the technique until it becomes an automatic response, so that it can be used quickly to prevent anxiety escalating.
  • Spend enough time practicing the technique for it to fell comfortable.
  • Practice the technique whenever you notice sensations of anxiety.

Summer yums!

Summer yums!

With summer at its peak, here’s some inspiration for a new way of creating a salad! Include avocado for a great vitamin boost, and an excellent source of unsaturated fat. Yummy!

(Image source unknown, contact me if you know where it’s from!)


Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day


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