Benefits of yoga

Benefits of yoga

Infographic by Jan Diehm for The Huffington Post



Healthy samosas recipe

I tried out a new recipe last night for healthy samosas. Cleverly, the pastry was replaced with rice paper roll wrappers, and rather than deep fried, they were oven baked. I adapted this recipe slightly to suit what I had in the fridge (added in roast pumpkin and a red capsicum). Such a delicious meal, and I even have a few left over for lunch today.

You can find the recipe over here at: My New Roots.

And if you have your own healthy recipe you’re keen to share, feel free to add a comment below!

Happy cooking!

Rejuvenate your life though affirmations

Image credit: 'Shortcut' by Hoang Long Ly

Image credit: ‘Shortcut’ by Hoang Long Ly

Be yourself: Truthfully

Accept yourself: Gratefully

Value yourself: Highly

Treat yourself: Generously

Trust yourself: Confidently

Balance yourself: Harmoniously

Bless yourself: Abundantly 

Love yourself: Wholeheartedly

Give yourself: Enthusiastically

                     Forgive yourself: Completely

                   Express yourself: Radiantly

Breathing technique for managing anxiety and stress

Image credit: Garry Pepper Vintage (

Image credit: Garry Pepper Vintage

Controlled breathing technique

1- Breathe in (without taking a deep breath). Hold your breath for a count of five.

2- When you get to five, gently breathe out saying to yourself “relax” or “calm”.

3- Then just breathe in and out slowly, through your nose, counting three with each breath in, and three with each breath out.


4- Breathe this way for 10 breaths, and then start the cycle again by holding your breath and counting to five (step one).

5- Continue this controlled breathing until all the symptoms of over-breathing have gone.


  • Use the technique immediately when the first signs of over-breathing, panic, or growing anxiety occur.
  • Practice the technique at least four times a day.
  • Practice the technique until it becomes an automatic response, so that it can be used quickly to prevent anxiety escalating.
  • Spend enough time practicing the technique for it to fell comfortable.
  • Practice the technique whenever you notice sensations of anxiety.

Summer yums!

Summer yums!

With summer at its peak, here’s some inspiration for a new way of creating a salad! Include avocado for a great vitamin boost, and an excellent source of unsaturated fat. Yummy!

(Image source unknown, contact me if you know where it’s from!)